Giving Tuesday? Nah – We Believe in Giving Indefinitely!

    On November 30, people and companies all across the country celebrated #GivingTuesday—a day dedicated to giving back after a weekend that famously revolves around shopping.


    However, I think we can all agree that charitable behavior is not something that should be limited to specific days, or seasons of the year. Whether you’re an individual or brand, philanthropic thinking is an important part of the human experience. For bigger companies like Ruby Has Fulfillment, “giving” is in our DNA and folded into how we do business, as it should be.


    At Ruby Has, our 3PL company’s commitment to giving back can be divided into several sectors:

    1. Giving back to local communities
    2. Giving back to large charitable foundations
    3. Giving back to our hardworking 3PL employees


    With seven strategically-located 3PL facilities, Ruby Has is in a place to affect many communities. As such, part of our commitment to giving is reflected in our handling of returns. At Ruby Has, we partner with our clients to donate returns to local charities near our facilities. For instance, our New Jersey facility donates returned items to the nonprofit UMO Kindness.


    Since 2011, UMO Kindness has worked with corporate sponsors and donors to organize coordinated acts of kindness. UMO Kindness provides “assistance to a network of charities, churches, and schools, supplying them with the tools they need to serve our communities.”


    Another example of giving from our New Jersey 3PL facility is The Pathway School in West Norriton, PA. Pathway is a nonprofit, private special education school serving students ages 5 – 21 with mild to moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual and significant learning disabilities, emotional challenges, and neurological impairments such as ADHD or Mood and Anxiety Disorders. More than 50 regional school districts refer students with special needs to Pathway.


    To quote Principal Nina Prestia of The Pathway School, “The task of serving such a vast array of children with different socio-economic statuses is a great challenge. Many of these children are in great need of not only a different learning environment, but also the basic necessities of life, such as clothing. The donations have given our career education program the opportunity to open a boutique on campus and create jobs for our students. The impact your donations have made are hard to put into words. You cannot describe the self-worth of someone doing a job that no one else would give them a chance to do, or the gratitude of a child when they receive a pair of boots or a sweater that they would have otherwise been without. Thank you – from everyone at The Pathway School.”


    In addition to operating our 3PL facilities with a giving to local communities mindset, our larger fulfillment operation is dedicated to lending support to large-scale causes as well, including ChildFund International.


    Since 2020, everyone has faced challenges. So all of us at Ruby Has wanted to do something positive and life-affirming as we approach this holiday season. To that end, we have made a donation on behalf of our valued clients, partners, staff, and friends to ChildFund International, where we are proud to be a corporate partner.


    ChildFund International is a global child-focused development and protection agency founded over 83 years ago. The organization works throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas – including the United States – to connect children with what they need to grow up safe, healthy, educated, and skilled, no matter where they are. Last year, ChildFund reached 13.6 million children and family members in 24 countries. About 200,000 Americans support ChildFund’s work by sponsoring individual children or investing in ChildFund programs.


    We are honored to be one of many companies that serves as a ChildFund corporate partner. And our entire 3PL family is delighted to celebrate our new partnership with ChildFund and bring added awareness to their mission.


    And of course, we are also honored every day to have such amazing, hard working people on the Ruby Has team! Our aim as an employer is to provide a safe, enjoyable, rewarding place to work for people across all seven of our locations and beyond. We love giving credit and shoutouts to our employees through our internal kudos and Ruby Has programming. We love doing extra things to enhance our work environments, like providing food to team members who worked tirelessly through Thanksgiving week and Black Friday weekend to get customers their goods in a timely manner. And we love providing career opportunities for growth within the company as well.


    So cheers to Giving Tuesday, but MEGA CHEERS to living with a giving mindset at all times, whether you’re an employee, employer, and so on!