Overtime Selects Ruby Has for Logistics and Fulfillment Services

    We’re thrilled to announce another DTC apparel and consumer products addition to our client roster!  Backed by Jeff Bezos, Drake and 25+ NBA players, Overtime is the next generation of sports fans. With a community of more than 50 million followers, generating 1.5 billion views a month, Overtime has selected Ruby Has for logistics and fulfillment services for its new apparel brand, launching later this year.  


    “We are thrilled to work with Ruby Has as our fulfillment provider to bring our products to sports enthusiasts everywhere,” said Tyler Rutstein, Overtime vice president and general merchandising manager.


    As part of the partnership, Ruby Has will help fuel Overtime’s fast growing ecommerce business to deepen its connection with young consumers with its apparel brand.


    Overtime Funding Jeff Bezos, Drake, NBA Stars


    “We are proud to provide ecommerce fulfillment solutions for Overtime’s innovative DTC apparel and consumer products brand,” says Esther Kestenbaum Prozan, President of Ruby Has. “Supporting premium brands that are scaling through hyper-growth, while delivering on their brand promises with precision are the hallmarks of Ruby Has.”


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    Ruby Has provides fulfillment and logistics services to many companies, and apparel is one of our top vertical markets. Overtime joins other Ruby Has apparel companies such as Venum, the UFC’s official brand partner and ThinxWe are committed to ensuring our clients’ customers have an exceptional buyer experience.  


    For any DTC brand, choosing a 3PL is a huge decision. Order fulfillment is your single biggest cost line item. More importantly, your fulfillment provider will be entrusted with all of your inventory. The consequences of a poor choice can be catastrophic, while those of a good choice could be life-changing for a brand. 


    For more info on this topic, check out Esther Kestenbaum Prozan’s recent article on “8 Things DTC Brands Should Look for in a 3PL” for Multichannel Merchant Magazine