What Ruby Has is doing to support our essential business and staff

Ruby Has knows that this uncertain time can cause added worry for the protection and handling of our clients’ products and those responsible for them day-to-day. We want to assure you that we are working diligently to maintain a safe and sanitized environment across all of our facilities. Ruby Has is considered an essential business, per federal guidelines. Please see the below steps we are taking to protect the workplace and our team members:

Ruby Has COVID-19 Preparedness


We are continuously providing and distributing personal protective equipment such as hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and disinfectant products to all employees, and share best practices to prevent the spread of the illness. We require our team members to wash their hands regularly and avoid touching their mouth, eyes, or nose. To reinforce the washing of hands, we have placed visible signs in all public spaces within our buildings, such as our bathrooms and food preparation spaces.



We have increased the frequency of routine cleaning and disinfection of all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, doorknobs, and restrooms. We are providing employees with disposable wipes and gloves, so that commonly used surfaces can be wiped down before each use. Additional cleaning shifts have been added to further support our operations and added cleaning logs have been put in place.



We know that many of our team members have children at home from school and are finding alternatives to public transportation. To aid in fielding these new lifestyle changes and to thank them for their continued dedication, we are giving a 10% compensation increase for frontline staff beginning March 23 during this global pandemic. We are also having continuous communication with our staff on operational statuses to ensure we are keeping up-to-date on sanitation tasks, employees’ health, and any chances within operation.



We are enforcing with all employees that if they have symptoms of acute respiratory illness, they must stay home and not return until all symptoms have been rid for at least 48 hours, without the aid of fever-reducing or symptom-altering medicines.



We’ve restricted travel for all employees between warehouses and banned client visits during this period. Warehouse access is restricted only to associates who are tasked with processing orders. No Customer Support, IT (unless needed), Administrative Support, or Non-essential employees are working onsite. We assure you that we are taking all necessary precautions and effort to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our teams and our clients’ products.

At A Glance

Federal law states we are essential by all regulatory standards and we protect our essential employees as follows:

  • We have given our team a 10% raise during this difficult time
  • We’ve hired an external company to deep sanitize facilities
  • We were the first in industry, even before Amazon, to supply PPE (masks & gloves)
  • We enforce a six-foot distance rule
  • We provide complimentary meals to staff at warehouse
  • We’ve increased frequency of cleaning schedules
  • We provide flexible hours
  • We have paid sick leave

Ruby Has & Nanoleaf Donate 52,000 Masks

Hospitals across North America need our help to supply doctors and nurses with medical supplies as they band together to fight this COVID-19 pandemic. As countless articles have covered, front-line staff are running out of vital personal protective equipment (PPE) while they are risking their lives to save others during this extremely difficult time. As they work hard to protect us, we need to band together as a nation to do what we can to support and protect them, because we are all in this together.



The existing medical supply distribution network can’t deliver supplies fast enough to the hospitals in need. Our supply chain is capable of sourcing up to 300,000 masks per day and in partnership with Ruby Has Fulfillment, we have access to world-class air freight services and a strategic fulfillment network nationwide. With your help we can get these supplies directly into the hands of front-line staff



Nanoleaf and Ruby Has Fulfillment are donating 52,000 masks to kickstart this effort. With your help, the volume can be much more.

Our goal is to raise $1M to provide PPE (including masks, gloves, goggles and gowns) directly to hospitals in the US.

Visit GoFundMe Page


Donate what you can—every single cent will go towards the purchase and distribution of PPE (Nanoleaf and Ruby Has aren’t taking any profit). We’ve already started importing supplies, and your support will help us take it to the next level. Every $1 will help us get 2 surgical masks to the hospitals. Our team is also working on getting gloves, goggles and gowns.

Visit GoFundMe Page