Making international shipping & returns easy, affordable and friction-free

FlavorCloud, seamlessly integrated with Ruby Has, offers cross border commerce as a service for merchants of all sizes, that makes it fast, affordable and friction free for online retailers to sell to consumers globally.

Meet FlavorCloud!

  • Integrates directly into shopping carts offering a powerful, one-click international checkout
  • Pay per shipment pricing model
  • Incredibly low international shipping rates
  • DDP shipping – collect customs, duties, taxes at checkout
  • No setup or subscriptions costs
  • Complete end to end tracking of shipments
  • Full returns solution for international orders

Powered by a deep learning based algorithm, route optimized on the most comprehensive cross border network with 100+ carriers, retailers can simply plug in and offer low cost worldwide shipping to 200+ countries. A customs engine automates classification of products and landed cost engine guarantees duties and taxes real-time, at checkout, increasing conversions. Automated customs paperwork, country specific compliance checks and expedited clearance make it seamless and friction-free for retailers or marketplaces and their consumers.

Created by a team of logistics, marketplaces and enterprise SaaS technology experts with deep domain expertise building cross border commerce and international trade solutions for carriers and forwarders. FlavorCloud automates a deeply fragmented, antiquated and opaque logistics industry that is a nightmare for retailers and consumers.

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Ruby Has FlavorCloud Case Study
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2021 has been a year of change for many retail brands. When physical stores shut down, many brands focused efforts on their websites to drive sales to a global audience. They quickly realized that international shipping is a lot more complicated than they thought. Customs documentation, duties, taxes, and high shipping costs can keep brands from expanding internationally. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

The good news is we have a great solution and wanted to share details of how Ruby Has and our partner FlavorCloud have helped one of our customers TomboyX succeed and become a global brand.