At Ruby Has, we pride ourselves on not just being another company you work with, but a full-service partner to help you meet all your shipping, logistics, and fulfillment needs. Six state-of-the-art facilities and counting, 45% average savings on freight costs, and impeccable, customized customer service are only a few reasons why our clients have never been more satisfied with a 3PL partner. Continue below to read a selection of client testimonials.


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Client Testimonials


“Once our relationship with Ruby Has Fulfillment began, we were able to focus on expanding our product line and opening a new manufacturing warehouse!” 


Nadia Zehngut

Operations Logistics Manager, Oatly


“Ruby Has Fulfillment has made what used to be a huge headache a no brainer. Fulfillment once plagued our company with problems, from customer service nightmares to failure to manage our inventory properly. With Ruby Has we feel completely at peace.”


Michael Michaelson

COO, Thinx



“Ruby Has proved themselves this year. When most companies were struggling, the Ruby Has leadership team buckled down and focused on what mattered most- safety, operational excellence, and client support. This year tested supply chains and logistics globally, and very few have been able to thrive during these tests. I am proud to say Ruby Has is one of the few.”


Sean Frank

COO, The Ridge



“Ruby Has Fulfillment has proven an invaluable partner for Koio, helping us to best manage our inventory, maintain seamless order flow and timely, consistent delivery during periods of rapid brand growth. It’s more important than ever to have partners we can rely on to maintain a watchful eye on our centralized retail portals to ensure that we’re not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations when it comes to a quick, simple order and delivery experience.”


Chris Wichert

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Koio


Google Reviews


5 STARS – Sebastian R.

“The help was astounding. Ruby Has Fulfillment and its staff were amazingly proficient. I will suggest Ruby Has to all of my partners. Thanks!” 

5 STARS – Finley M.

“Our brand is developing quickly with the help of Ruby Has Fulfillment. We are very satisfied!”

5 STARS – Kian W.

“We are very pleased with Ruby Has. They’re always on schedule, and proficient at fulfilling large order volumes. We enthusiastically recommend them.”

5 STARS – Jude M.

“We worked with Ruby Has Fulfillment previously and they exceeded all expectations for our organization’s fulfillment requirements. You folks are Excellent!”

5 STARS – Alexandre P.

“This is the best in-class 3PL. Can’t recommend them enough!”

5 STARS – Joseph B.

“I have used Ruby Has’ fulfillment service for eighteen months, and it has been a good experience to develop alongside their organization. Good Service!”

5 STARS – Julian R.

“Ruby Has has been an excellent 3PL. From the beginning, I have been very impressed with Ruby Has as our 3PL. All of Ruby Has’ services have been above par, and we are pleased with their responsiveness to our changing fulfillment demands.”

5 STARS – Oscar F.

“Ruby Has Fulfillment gave me great service, a reasonable price, and set-up was easy.”

5 STARS – Cathy O.

“I’ve worked with members of the Ruby Has team for the past 4 years and they’ve always been responsive, flexible and willing to go the extra mile.”

5 STARS – Sarah K.

“I love working with Ruby Has! They have a great team of people who really know what they are doing!”

5 STARS – Byron S.

“Great service, reasonable price, easy set-up.”