At Ruby Has, we pride ourselves on not just being another company you work with, but a full-service partner to help you meet all your shipping, logistics, and fulfillment needs. Seven state-of-the-art facilities and counting, 45% average savings on freight costs, and impeccable, customized customer service are only a few reasons why our clients have never been more satisfied with a 3PL partner. Continue below to read Ruby Has BBB reviews (Ruby Has Better Business Bureau® reviews) for our various locations.

5 STARS – Aidan L.

“Ruby Has, I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you so much!!”

5 STARS – Maurice C.

“Ruby Has Fulfillment made my East Coast shipping process really easy.”

5 STARS – Tyson N.

“Much better than my last fulfillment partner. This company is leading the industry.”

5 STARS – Michael D.

“Ruby Has Fulfillment is one of the best service providers in this marketplace. They are a leading provider of *************** sourcing, Warehouse fulfillment, and many more. Ruby Has Fulfillment is one of the greatest companies for shipping and warehouse services.”

5 STARS – Lionel M.

“This is a whole new system in order and fulfillment management. Really thankful to the founders. Ruby Has Fulfillment really helps my business run smoother, and really gives me a full service, starting from my order to my bill payment. Ruby Has Fulfillment leads the third-party logistics (3PL) industry with cutting-edge technology, seamless integration, and an uncompromising commitment to quality. I would really recommend this to everybody!”

5 STARS – Michael M.

I heard about Ruby Has Fulfillment from my friend. He is a CEO of an online company. Then I visited Ruby Has’ website and contacted them. The onboarding process went very smoothly. Now I’m recommending Ruby Has to my friends as well.”

5 STARS – Cathy L.

They provide me amazing service.There customer service was outstanding.I would recommend them to everyone.”

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Want to Work with the Best Full-Service 3PL Fulfillment Partner Around?


Want to work with the best full-service 3PL fulfillment partner around?