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Ruby Has Fulfillment and Stitch Labs Partner to Create Complete Backend Ecommerce Solution and Elite Customer Program

    Top Ecommerce Technology Companies Join Together to Best Serve Clients.
    Ruby Has Fulfillment is announcing the launch of a new partnership and elite customer program with Stitch Labs, the leading operations management platform for high-growth brands. This strategic partnership program is designed to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end inventory, order, and fulfillment solution for current and prospective clients experiencing rapid operational growth.

    As brands expand into new sales channels, merchandising techniques, and fulfillment strategies, the degree of operational complexity to run an efficient business exponentially multiplies. Ruby Has and Stitch Labs have integrated their best-in-class technologies in fulfillment and operations management to enable brands to efficiently scale their operations, while maintaining flexibility and agility to accommodate the rapidly evolving and unique needs of each client.

    The primary purpose of this new customer program is to help brands improve operational efficiency and increase long-term profitability. Leveraging Ruby Has’ fulfillment model and Stitch Labs’ operations management platform, the program helps brands optimize three critical aspects of operations: internal team time spent on inventory and order management, shipping time to customers, and shipping costs. This allows brands to confidently and successfully scale their business as product lines expand, order volumes increase, and new channels are added, while still being able to remain loyal to their brand promises to their customers.

    “Ecommerce fulfillment providers have a responsibility to customers to provide value through partnerships and integrations that can assist the brand’s growth and maturation. Ruby Has Fulfillment has accomplished this through its partnership with Stitch Labs – a strategic partnership that provides shared customer enterprise level fulfillment and OMS/IMS solutions built for scalable, high-growth brands.” – Rafael Zakinov, Founder and CEO at Ruby Has Fulfillment

    “What’s fundamentally different about the way we [Stitch Labs] and Ruby Has approaches working with our customers is that we understand that each brand has unique needs and that they are growing exceptionally fast. We’ve always operated from a viewpoint of ‘software with service’ rather than ‘software as a service’. Our official partnership with Ruby Has just strengthens our joint ability to provide tremendous value to our customers, being much more than a solutions provider, but rather a partner in our customers growth.” – Brandon Levey, CEO at Stitch Labs

    To date, over 15 leading ecommerce brands like Sunski, Thinx, and Koio have signed on to pilot this new elite customer program, including OATLY, a vegan, oat milk company that began in Sweden and has since expanded internationally. OATLY came to the U.S. in 2018 and can now be found in more than 1,000 locations. Stitch Labs and Ruby Has Fulfillment provide them with the necessary software/fulfillment services to scale efficiently and effectively.

    “OATLY started working with Stitch Labs and Ruby Has at a time when our business was really expanding and we were looking to take the next steps in merging data-driven inventory management with our 3PL and ecommerce platforms. We have really enjoyed working with these great teams and have seen a huge positive impact to our business we would look to expand even more in the coming years.” – Mike Messersmith, General Manager at OATLY

    The new elite customer program is open and available to all high-growth brands with special introductory pricing. Contact Ruby Has Fulfillment or Stitch Labs for a demo and price quote.

    About Ruby Has Fulfillment:
    Ruby Has is one of the fastest growing ecommerce fulfillment providers (Ranked by Crain’s Fast 50 in 2018 and Inc. 5000 for three consecutive years) for direct-to-consumer brands and retailers, fulfilling their brand promises with precision, customization and excellence at scale. They are the dominant global fulfillment platform, providing an enterprise level end-to-end supply chain ecosystem to omnichannel brands regardless of size, customization or scale. Where others “break” and fail at scale, Ruby Has shines. Empower your brand and boost customer satisfaction with a full-service fulfillment provider that walks alongside your brand as a committed partner. Ruby Has Fulfillment leads the third-party logistics (3PL) industry with cutting-edge technology, seamless integration, and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Four warehouse locations across the U.S. and Canada allow you to ship faster and reduce freight costs by up to 45% with bicoastal fulfillment solutions.

    About Stitch Labs, Inc.:
    Stitch Labs is a commerce operations platform that centralizes inventory, sales, purchasing, and fulfillment to give retailers greater visibility, efficiency, insight, and control across their business. With the power of Stitch’s cloud-based platform, retailers and wholesalers can more easily reduce costs, maximize profitability, and intelligently scale their omnichannel operations to meet customers needs. Stitch integrates with top ecommerce, POS, shipping, and fulfillment technologies such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, ShipStation, Square, FBA, SPS Commerce, and DCL Logistics, as well as accounting solutions including Quickbooks, Xero, and inDinero.


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