At Ruby Has, we pride ourselves on not just being another company you work with, but a full-service partner to help you meet all your shipping, logistics, and fulfillment needs. Seven state-of-the-art facilities and counting, 45% average savings on freight costs, and impeccable, customized customer service are only a few reasons why our clients have never been more satisfied with a 3PL partner. Continue below to read Ruby Has Trustpilot reviews for our various locations.

5 STARS – Valu Riety

Ruby Has – Our go to 3PL

“Ruby Has has definitely fulfilled our wants, needs, and most of all, our orders. They seem to be getting increasingly efficient when it comes to logistics and software, which makes it easy for us to commit to them long-term.”

5 STARS – Sams Retail

Fantastic Network w/ Even Better Service

“Ruby Has Fulfillment has a fantastic network paired with great service. Their team guided us through all the steps and their support team is always available, which is invaluable for our business. They have and will continue to handle all of our shipping.”

5 STARS – Lula Spires

Customer support is very fast

“Customer support is very fast and helpful. For everyone who works with Ruby Has Fulfillment and wants to make their company professional, I recommend Ruby Has Fulfillment.”

5 STARS – Joe Weston

This is a very amazing and excellent…

“This is a very amazing and excellent service! People are very happy after using this service. They are very trustworthy. They deliver on time.”

5 STARS – Blanche Bibbins

“Ruby Has Fulfillment is a 3PL service provider company. They are committed to their customers & very responsive. They are always on time.”

5 STARS – Elsie Cole

Delivery is always on time

“I like this company. I have taken advantage of their capabilities and services for a long time. Delivery is always on time. Customer support is also very fast. I recommend Ruby Has Fulfillment to everyone!

5 STARS – Christopher Gross

RubyHas solid choice for Fulfillment

“I have worked with RubyHas for almost 6 years now and they have grown from a small warehouse to multi-national. However, their fees are still fair and I can tell that their customer support really wants to help and never blows me off. We sell mostly small, luxury items and have had a great experience with them.

5 STARS – Ludivina Mullins

Excellent service

“Excellent and knowledgeable customer service and support.”

4 STARS – Dennis Swenson

“Order process was easy. Customer service was very knowledgeable and order was received promptly. I started taken it today.”

5 STARS – Oakley Cerys

Professional Service

“Representative was very efficient while demonstrating good customer service skills. She verified order information several times during the process. She represented your company in a professional manner.”

4 STARS – Jacqueline Hayden

“Customer service was excellent! Truly professional people at work!

5 STARS – RH Vendor

Ruby Has is a trusted partner and making great strides to improve

“Ruby Has has done a great job taking care of my company and being responsive. I believe the partnership with Ruby Has is a two way street and feel it is due to the fact that vendors bring on issues as well and RH is always there to help us sort through them. I have sent RH inventory that was not following their strict receiving guidelines and they still worked with me and helped me get my inventory in order. I look forward to the future with this company and I am happy to go to bat for them.”

5 STARS – Catherine O.

“I’ve worked with members of the Ruby Has team for the past 4 years and they’ve always been responsive, flexible and willing to go the extra mile. I value their transparency–a rare thing these days.”

4 STARS – Carol Schuler

Ruby Has Fulfillment has done a great job with all my communications and getting back to me. It feels like they have some great people working for them. Ruby Has has done an outstanding job of staying on track during this crazy pandemic in order to serve their customers. They have gone above and beyond with customer service as well.”

5 STARS – Mary

“I have worked with Ruby Has for a year and a half, and it has been such a great experience to grow alongside their company.”

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Want to Work with the Best Full-Service 3PL Fulfillment Partner Around?


Want to work with the best full-service 3PL fulfillment partner around?