At Ruby Has, we pride ourselves on not just being another company you work with, but a full-service partner to help you meet all your shipping, logistics, and fulfillment needs. Seven state-of-the-art facilities and counting, 45% average savings on freight costs, and impeccable, customized customer service are only a few reasons why our clients have never been more satisfied with a 3PL partner. Continue below to read our glowing Ruby Has Yelp Reviews.

5 STARS – Kiki R.

Minneapolis, MN

“The team at Ruby Has fulfillment has been very responsive to our needs. I’d definitely recommend them to any fast-growing brand looking to scale even further.”

5 STARS – Matthew C.

Farmingdale, NY

“Ruby Has is doing a wonderful job fulfilling for my business. Through Covid-19 disruptions, they have continued to remain attentive and accurate to support my business during these challenging times. Thank you Ruby Has!”

5 STARS – Josh M.

Cedar Lake, IN

“So I was an easy post customer, and I was part of the transition to Ruby Haas. These poor guys at Ruby Haas were handed over a mess by easy post. Most people don’t realize that easy post was on the verge of closing. If easy post was not purchased we would all have had possibly lost our goods. Nick C helped me get straight in this scenario. Ruby Haas is a good company put in a bad scenario by easy post. Your guys need to trash easy post on Yelp.”

4 STARS – Andy G.

Manhattan, NY

“Ruby Has has been essential to our US operations! We were fully onboarded quickly and had walkthroughs of the system from the team. The system is easy to use and the fulfillment is super speedy! I would definitely recommend!”

5 STARS – Byron S.

New York, NY

“Great service, reasonable price, easy set-up.”

5 STARS – Mary C.

Torrance, CA

“I have worked with Ruby Has for a year and a half, and it has been such a great experience to grow alongside their company.”

5 STARS – Pawel G.

New York, NY

“I can’t say enough good things about RubyHas, they have supported our business since they opened and we have been using them for many years. One of the main factors in our business growth has been finding a successful partnership with a 3PL and we could not have found a better company. They meet all of our needs in fulfillment whether it be B2C or B2B on every level and in a lot of ways exceed expectations. We look forward to an infinite amount of future years together and finding other ways where we can grow together.”

5 STARS – Ali M.

South Montebello, Commerce, CA

“The service was amazing, Eli and his staff were extremely professional. This is by far one of the best experience I have ever had, I will recommend all my business partners to Eli and his staff.”

5 STARS – Christopher G.

San Francisco, CA

“I have been a client with RubyHas for over 6 years now; selling mostly small, luxury items. They have been great for us, fulfillment times are met and their customer service is responsive and friendly. I see a lot of poor reviews regarding EasyPost on here, I don’t think another companies failure to care for it’s clients should reflect on RubyHas’ great service. Just my 2 cents in my years working with them.”

5 STARS – Eli H.

Pomona, NY

“We have used other 3PL services before and these guys went above and beyond for all of our companies needs. Remember the ago old line YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!”

4 STARS – Julian R.

Las Vegas, NV

“Ruby Has has been a good 3PL. From the beginning, I have been very impressed with Ruby Has as our 3PL. All of Ruby Has’ services have been above par, and we are pleased with their responsiveness to our changing fulfillment demands.”

5 STARS – Adam J.

San Francisco, CA

“I highly recommend Ruby Has for ecommerce fulfillment. I’ve been with them for 4 years now and Ruby Has Has kept up with all of our needs. We’ve been delighted with Ruby Has for years. They’re on time, professional and have lived up to our expectations through our own fast growth. We highly recommend them.”

5 STARS – William S.

Henderson, NV

“I have done aerial photography for RubyHas at their locations in Las Vegas, always a pleasure working with them. I just completed a drone project at their new faculty in North Las Vegas. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you.”

5 STARS – Buy A.

San Francisco, CA

“We have been with Ruby Has for 6 years and they have been a good partner for us. We have grown a lot since starting with them and they have been able to meet our needs and provide insights for our expanding business. Will recommend.”

5 STARS – Ari W.

San Francisco, CA

“Great service, they always met and exceeded my expectations. I recommend for fulfillment services.”


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Want to Work with the Best Full-Service 3PL Fulfillment Partner Around?


Want to work with the best full-service 3PL fulfillment partner around?