From B2B to D2C: Winning Strategies to Go Direct to Your Customer

Hosted by Linn Academy 2021

Wednesday, October 6th


For many of the world’s most recognizable brands, selling through traditional retail outlets has been a mainstay until recently. With the accelerated growth of ecommerce and recent changes in consumer needs and buying habits, many brands are now exploring multichannel selling strategies and offering their products direct to the consumer. Hear how one of the world’s biggest supermarket brands, Kraft Heinz, tapped directly into the new consumer demand with their “Heinz to Home” offering.


Jean-Philippe Nier – Ecommerce Director, Kraft Heinz

Marco Suarez – Head of Customer Experience, Methodical Coffee

Shahin Sacki – Managing Director, Rex Brown Ltd

Matthew Carpentieri – Vice President of Global Partnerships, Ruby Has Fulfillment