Marketing Solutions for Ecommerce

Hosted by Matt Carpentieri, VP of Global Partnerships at Ruby Has

Struggling to find a marketing solution? Learn from an all-star panel of strategic partners for recommended best practices. In this Ruby Has webinar, our expert panelists will explore ecommerce marketing solutions that support DTC brand growth and global expansion.



Channeled Ecommerce Agency – Andrew Hurley, Co-Founder

Channeled Ecommerce Agency takes a data-driven approach to Amazon, PLA, and Marketplace Management to drive profitable growth for their multi-channel ecommerce clients. The company designs solutions for sellers at all stages in their journey. For example, Channeled Ecommerce Agency can assist sellers who are new to Amazon, vendors, vendors transitioning to 3rd party sellers, 3rd party sellers, and more. Andrew Hurley, the Co-Founder of Channeled Ecommerce Agency, is a strategically focused leader with years of experience executing innovation and ecommerce projects, including all aspects of multi-channel selling, product management/development, analysis, optimization, and digital marketing.


Remarkety – Joel Presman, Co-Founder and US General Manager

Remarkety focuses on what counts: Increase Your Revenue – Boost Your Conversions – Improve Efficiency.

Purpose-built for ecommerce, the company gives clients the tools to create and deliver highly captivating, data-driven, effective campaigns that propel customers to action—driving revenue. Focusing on behavioral marketing to solve the challenges of ecommerce personalization and automation, Remarkety achieves success for its partners by drawing on shopping behavior to segment customers and apply predictive algorithms. Joel Presman is an entrepreneur who holds a BSC in computer science and business from NYIT. As the Co-Founder and General Manager of Remarkety, he is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses through marketing automation and data driven marketing. 


Redstage – Matthew Jasper, Head of Digital Transformation Solutions

When it comes to building ecommerce solutions for leading companies, Redstage is changing the status quo. Redstage is a company that provides B2B ecommerce. They have created B2B’s digital leaders through enterprise ecommerce design, development, strategy, and support. The Redstage team helps enterprise companies navigate the difficult terrain of the digital landscape by finding and implementing effective ecommerce solutions so entrepreneurs can focus on their core business. Matthew Jasper has over 15 years of experience in product management, digital transformation, and people management. As Head of Digital Transformation Solutions at Redstage, he is guiding the company and its clients forward in innovation and digital growth.


Scalefast – Elon Manson, Account Executive

Scalefast is an end-to-end ecommerce solution that helps large global brands and high growth brands scale their DTC channels both domestically and internationally. Scalefast merges a company’s DTC channel under a single software solution—integrating retail infrastructure, ecommerce platform, and international ecommerce operations. Elon Manson is an account executive that oversees these vital operations for Scalefast clients.


SAMA LABS – John Florey, CEO

Our motto is “Big Ideas Need BIG TALENT.” Sama Labs is a digital marketing agency that helps people create designs for their brands/businesses. The agency refers to itself as a “lab” because the team is always testing—refining and improving their strategies to maximize their clients’ ROI. Sama Labs makes every effort to add unparalleled value to businesses as they grow—covering digital marketing expertise, operations guidance, financial consulting, inventory management, and more. CEO John Florey says, “We started as a company selling products—probably a lot like you. We built our first brand out of a bedroom (literally) into a booming business in a few short years. Sama Labs perfected the art and science of creating engaging and disruptive content, generating quality traffic, and converting that traffic into customers consistently and profitably. Now we take all of that experience and apply it directly to our clients as we scale their brands alongside ours.”