Join Ruby Has & Partners for This Upcoming Webinar

Please join us for a live panel event with four Ruby Has strategic partners specializing in growth solutions for DTC ecommerce brands. During this session, you'll learn how to prepare for peak holiday season sales spikes and pandemic-related challenges as you charge into Q4.

Thursday, October 21, 2021


Peak Season Live Panel



Alex Yancher, Co-Founder & CEO at Passport Shipping. 

Passport is the next-generation international shipping company. Custom tracking pages make a brand shine throughout the post-purchase experience. No one ever has to wait on hold with a 1-800 number if they need help. Your packages are shipped on hand-picked routes to make sure you get the perfect mix of cost and speed.


Kyle J. Wagner, Senior Partnerships Manager at Global-e.

Global-e is the world’s most trusted provider of seamless, risk-free cross-border e-commerce solutions, enabling merchants to dramatically increase their international sales by deeply localising the customer experience. Global-e makes selling globally simple and effective reaching over 1 billion shoppers in more than 200 destinations worldwide.


Manuela Bajrektarevic, Enterprise Account Executive  at Loop Returns. 

Loop helps brands build better customer relationships through one of the most fragile interactions: returns. Loop is a lean, fast-moving team that is intent on redefining how brands think about post-purchase interaction.


Adam Perdue, Logistics Strategic Account Manager at SPS Commerce. 

SPS Commerce perfects the power of trading partner relationships with the industry’s most broadly adopted retail cloud services platform. As a leader in cloud-based supply chain management solutions, we provide proven integrations and comprehensive retail performance analytics to thousands of customers worldwide.


Chris Bosowski, VP of Logistics at Ruby Has Fulfillment. 

Ruby Has is one of the fastest growing ecommerce fulfillment and logistics providers for direct-to-consumer brands and retailers. With a strategically located international footprint of distribution centers in the United States, Canada, and the UK, Ruby Has Fulfillment is a company in hyper-growth.